Project Description

Brought to you by Motion24 in conjunction with acclaimed tracking vehicle specialists Action 99 Cars, our Ultra Arm is amongst the most stable, versatile camera systems available.

Improved handling, powerful acceleration along with safer cornering and a lowered centre of gravity makes the Ultra Arm infinitely more agile than your typical ‘Russian Arm’ car.

Hitting 0-60mph in less than 7 seconds, this exceptional vehicle is fast, reliable and incredibly capable. The technically advanced system allows full 360° arm capabilities at speeds of up to 90mph with fully operational stabilisation and arm functionality up to 100mph.

With plenty of on board crew space and packed with cutting edge technology, working in the Ultra Arm car is a comfortable, precise and all round efficient experience.

Incorporating an extensive range of features the Ultra Arm offers an impressive 12ft reach from fulcrum, 16ft total length; 360° pan in 8 seconds, 90° vertical lift in 3 seconds; active arm stabilisation with 1050ft-lbs of peak stabilising torque and IP66 weather resistance.

Fully supported by the Motion24 technical team and compatible with the vast Focus24 equipment inventory, our Ultra Arm system is a comprehensive mobile crane solution that delivers performance to any type of high speed production sequence.


The adjustable rear compartment for your DOP/Operator and Focus Puller is suitable for crew of all shapes and sizes. The first ever made to measure ‘Arm Car’ offering up/down/left right/fore aft adjustment for the on-board remote head control desk and focus puller work station. Our vehicle is packed with cutting edge technology, including a ‘reference camera’ system allowing the arm operator to see all around the vehicle clearly.

Built to keep you perfectly in touch at all times, a custom comms system that allows the Ultra Arm team to seamlessly interface with any on-set 2 way radio system, whilst also maintaining a private hands free ‘Open system’ inside the vehicle.

  • 0-60 in under 7 seconds
  • Full 360 arm capabilities up to 90mph
  • Fully operational stabilisation and arm functionality up to 100mph
  • 12ft reach from Fulcrum, 16ft total length
  • 360 pan in 8 seconds, 90 degree vertical lift in 3 seconds
  • Active arm stabilisation with 1050 ft-lbs of peak stabilising torque
  • IP66 weather resistance
  • Operating temperature ranging from -34 to 43 degrees Celsius

“Working in the Ultra
Arm car is a comfortable,
precise, efficient

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Brought to you by Motion24 in conjunction with acclaimed tracking vehicle specialists Action 99 Cars, our Ultra Arm is amongst the most stable, versatile camera systems available.

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