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The Lariat is an extremely powerful, ten wheel, heavy duty tracking vehicle.

Offering over 12.5ft of main deck area – the Lariat has enough capacity to comfortably house your crew along with a 50ft Techno Crane dolly.

A powerful 420bhp engine plus 3ton payload also makes the Lariat the perfect high speed choice for A-Frame towing of large vehicles.

Low rear, side and front platforms, a 240V power supply plus an abundance of safe crew work and seating space make the Lariat the excellent all round choice for filming larger vehicles and for capturing wide, sweeping shots.

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The Silverado offers ample space for both equipment and crew.

Highly manoeuvrable with a shorter wheelbase than the larger Lariat, our Silverado is an incredibly proficient vehicle, perfect for A-Frame and tracking shots in tight locations such as narrow roads and back streets.

Available with front and rear platforms, the vehicle also features adjustable air suspension for a smooth ride and variable towing height.

Highly adaptable and available with a range of optional onboard equipment including silent 5.5KVA generator, our Silverado delivers results in all manner of automotive situations.

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The electric Polaris 4×4 camera tracking vehicle can accommodate most types of terrain from rough wooded areas to smooth roads.

UK road-legal, silent and manoeuvrable, the Polaris can track on public highways and is ideal for audio recording and tight operation on narrow streets.

The vehicle boasts a flatbed allowing the attachment of jib arms or the remote Ultra Arm and is transported in our fully self-sufficient mobile workshop, allowing any alteration necessary while on location.

Offering front and rear seats and platforms, safety equipment and rigging scaffolding, the Polaris can be fitted with on- or off-road tyres, stabilised heads and additional platforms and working areas to accommodate any situation.

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Quad and Rhino 4×4

These incredibly versatile, customisable 4×4 camera tracking vehicles can tackle all types of terrain, both on or off road.

UK road registered, both the Quad and Rhino are perfect for locations with limited access such as shopping malls or narrow lanes and offer a superb balance of agility and grip. Ideally suited for use with all camera stabiliser systems and stabilised remote heads, we often pair these vehicles with our Movi XL stabilised head and dual black arm system for a stabilised tracking vehicle platform that can truly handle the toughest terrain out there.

The Quad features seating for camera operator plus driver. The Rhino provides additional space, including front/rear adjustable platforms and an additional flat bed platform for use with compatible jib arms.

For added convenience, our 4x4s are delivered via our mobile workshop, allowing swift, convenient on-site adjustments to be carried out.

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Low Loader

An ultra-safe, ultra-efficient mobile shooting solution, suitable for filming a huge range of vehicle types and sizes.

Built to maximise the available shooting area, the Low Loader includes side platforms, allowing 360° filming whilst in motion.

A fully adjustable ride height plus 100% air suspension means the vehicle is ideal for use on all manner of surfaces.

For added on-board convenience, the unit is available with 5.5kva silent generator plus rain cover for the crew area.

With its generous workspace and flexible set-up our Low Loader is perfect for capturing almost any action vehicle sequence.

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Motion24 Tracking Vehicle Equipment Used On …

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  • BMW M5 The Last Evolution Of An Icon Vimeo Thumbnail

BMW M5 The Last Evolution Of An Icon

Filmed exclusively at Rockingham raceway, Motion24 ensured that our equipment could keep pace with this mighty high-performance vehicle, speeds of up to 98mph were reached on this shoot with Movi XL.

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  • Jeep Rock Fuelled Sessions Vimeo Thumbnail

Jeep Rock Fuelled Sessions

Part of a fun series of content we worked on for Jeep, our Movi XL stabilised head system and Flowcine Dual Black Arm worked in perfect tandem to soak up the potholes and speed bumps of London as if they didn't exist, even when punched in on the deep end of a large vintage zoom lens.

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  • TAG Heuer X Aston Martin Vimeo Thumbnail

TAG Heuer X Aston Martin

Filmed across the continent, the Peak District section was where Motion24 were utilised which was a great test of our superb Movi XL stabilised head system and Flowcine Dual Black arm as we drove around the British countryside.

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  • How To Turn Your Car Into A Spa Car With Colin Furze Vimeo Thumbnail

How to turn your car into a Spa Car with Colin Furze

Another action packed fun filled project from Colin Furze, Motion24 were there to capture the action Providing an Operator & Technician team to look after the 2 tracking vehicle set-ups which were in use on the shoot day.

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  • Kid Kapichi – Waster Vimeo Thumbnail

Kid Kapichi – Waster

Client: Independent Director: James Green DOP: Richard Bell Motion24 stopped off on Day 2 of this action packed shoot to provide a Movi Operator & all the tracking vehicle related equipment, Movi Pro package and accessories to film the high speed tracking sequence through country lanes at the end of [...]

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  • Mazda Drive Together Vimeo Thumbnail

Mazda Drive Together

At Motion24 we love unique challenges, especially when they turn into spectacular ideas for great shots. So here it is, neither Rain, 30mph head winds or a complete lack of phone signal could stop us on this one, filmed at 40mph as one complete unbroken take, utilising a Movi, rigged [...]

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  • Fast And Furriest BTS Extended Cut Vimeo Thumbnail

Fast and Furriest BTS extended cut

An extended BTS cut from our recent Motion24 Promo. For more on all things Motion24, follow us here: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/motion24_tv/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/motion24.tv/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Motion24_tv www.motion24.tv

Motion24 Movi Services & Equipment

Motion24 Movi Custom Units Sq

Movi Pro Packages

Our Movi Pro packages are designed to seamlessly transition between different shooting modes, from handheld rigs, to cranes/jib arms and vehicle mounts.

Motion24 Camera Tracking Vehicles

Movi Tracking Vehicle Equipment

Motion24 has a range of tracking vehicles available. From smaller electric vehicles for use in a variety of set ups, right up to a Chevy Silverado V8, which can be used with cranes on the back.

Motion24 Movi Xl Rental Sq

Movi XL

The Movi XL is the beefy older brother of the Movi Pro. Suitable for any camera package up to 22kg, the Movi XL is at home on all types of cranes, as well as a huge variety of tracking vehicles and at speeds up to 100mph

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Movi Equipment Hire

Motion 24 provides fully supported Movi equipment hire, with or without operators. It's all about the detail and support we can provide.

Motion24 Ultra Arm High Speed Camera Tracking Vehicle

Ultra Arm

Brought to you by Motion24 in conjunction with acclaimed tracking vehicle specialists Action 99 Cars, our Ultra Arm is amongst the most stable, versatile camera systems available.

Motion24 Movi Shotdock Sq 310w

The Shotdock

Complex in design but simple in use, The ShotDock mounts simply onto any moy-based piece of grip equipment for safe, fast and effective positioning of the camera and short rig times.

Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London 11[ 310w

Movi Technicians and Movi Operators

Motion24 provides highly skilled Movi Operators and Movi Technicians to set up and service equipment to meet your production requirements and integrate with your crew.

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