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The Shotdock

Motion24 Shotdock

The Shotdock

Moving from the ground onto a crane/grip rig and vice versa in one complete shot is now within easy reach of many productions. The need for crew to ride on cranes is now completely negated, which means achieving the shot is safer than ever.

With the simplest flick of a finger, Motion24’s ShotDock system allows for seamless “handing off” and “handing on” to whatever grip equipment you may be using.

The ShotDock is complex in design but simple in use. It mounts effortlessly onto any moy-based piece of grip equipment for fast and effective positioning of the camera, as well as short rig times. We have successfully executed “Shotdock”-style shots with Cranes, Technocranes, Wire Rigs and Dollies.

With a dual-redundancy mechanical locking system and 360-degree approach, the Shotdock opens up a whole new world of camera movement.

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  • Birmingham Commonwealth Games Handover Vimeo Thumbnail

Birmingham Commonwealth Games Handover

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Motion24 made LIVE TV history with the #commonwealthgames2018 handover to Birmingham. This 6 minute, 1 take shot featured 2 crane hand on and offs on a 50ft Techno & 75ft Techno with our custom Shotdock system as well as 2 tracking vehicle moves and moving in and out of 2 buildings!

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The Shotdock

Complex in design but simple in use, The ShotDock mounts simply onto any moy-based piece of grip equipment for safe, fast and effective positioning of the camera and short rig times.

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