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Project Description

  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (28)
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (15)
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  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (53)
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (23)
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (22)
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (50)
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (17)
  • Motion24 Shotdock Operators
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (38)
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (40)
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (64)
  • Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London (16)

Movi Pro Packages

Motion24 bespoke Movi packages allow us to seamlessly transition between different shooting modes from handheld, handheld with various support rigs, to cranes/jib arms and vehicle mounts – all in a matter of minutes.

We’ve redesigned and re-imagined the industry’s perception of handheld gimbals. Built with enhanced operator ergonomics, a unique pivoting monitor mount system and a modular approach, our custom-built Movi systems are designed to meet the needs of camera crews the world over.

Our custom rigs offer seemingly limitless shooting options whilst remaining fast and efficient to work with. Our mobility enables us to blend harmoniously with your production schedule.

Motion24’s custom Movi Pro rental packages can be configured to include:

  • Slingshot support rig

  • 6-user Duplex comms system

  • Alpha Wheels

  • Moy-mount adapters

  • Vibration isolators

  • Quick-change studio/handheld kit

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Motion24 Bespoke Movi Pro Rigs Used On….

  • BMW M5 The Last Evolution Of An Icon Vimeo Thumbnail

BMW M5 The Last Evolution Of An Icon

Filmed exclusively at Rockingham raceway, Motion24 ensured that our equipment could keep pace with this mighty high-performance vehicle, speeds of up to 98mph were reached on this shoot with Movi XL.

  • Jeep Rock Fuelled Sessions Vimeo Thumbnail

Jeep Rock Fuelled Sessions

Part of a fun series of content we worked on for Jeep, our Movi XL stabilised head system and Flowcine Dual Black Arm worked in perfect tandem to soak up the potholes and speed bumps of London as if they didn't exist, even when punched in on the deep end of a large vintage zoom lens.

  • TAG Heuer X Aston Martin Vimeo Thumbnail

TAG Heuer X Aston Martin

Filmed across the continent, the Peak District section was where Motion24 were utilised which was a great test of our superb Movi XL stabilised head system and Flowcine Dual Black arm as we drove around the British countryside.

  • The Weekend – Charlie Winston Vimeo Thumbnail

The Weekend – Charlie Winston

Directors: Ian Roderick Gray DOP: Matthew TaylorShot entirely on Movi from start to finish, with only 5 subtle wipe points for logistical reasons (and a couple of VFX blends) we loved every minute of working on this highly creative music video.

  • Birmingham Commonwealth Games Handover Vimeo Thumbnail

Birmingham Commonwealth Games Handover

Motion24 made LIVE TV history with the #commonwealthgames2018 handover to Birmingham. This 6 minute, 1 take shot featured 2 crane hand on and offs on a 50ft Techno & 75ft Techno with our custom Shotdock system as well as 2 tracking vehicle moves and moving in and out of 2 buildings!

  • Taylor Swift – End Game Ft. Ed Sheeran, Future Vimeo Thumbnail

Taylor Swift – End Game ft. Ed Sheeran, Future

Client: The Graft Directors: Joseph Khan DOP: Matt Wise Motion24 were privileged to be the only port of call when it came to providing an Operator/Technician team in conjunction with one of our bespoke Movi packages for Taylor Swifts new [...]

  • Virgin Fibre Cat Cable Vimeo Thumbnail

Virgin Fibre Cat Cable

Client: Mindseye Director: Jono Hunter DOP: Marcus Domleo Motion24 provided a bespoke Movi Pro Package along with remote operator for this fun comedy piece. Making the most of the Movi Pro's uniquely small profile as a stabilized head, it was [...]

Motion24 Movi Services & Equipment

Motion24 Movi Shotdock Sq 310w

The Shotdock

Complex in design but simple in use, The ShotDock mounts simply onto any moy-based piece of grip equipment for safe, fast and effective positioning of the camera and short rig times.

Motion24 Movi Custom Units Sq

Movi Pro Packages

Our Movi Pro packages are designed to seamlessly transition between different shooting modes, from handheld rigs, to cranes/jib arms and vehicle mounts.

Motion24 Movi Vehicle Tracking Black

Movi Tracking Vehicle Equipment

Motion24 has a range of tracking vehicles available. From smaller electric vehicles for use in a variety of set ups, right up to a Chevy Silverado V8, which can be used with cranes on the back.

Motion24 Movi Pro Hire London 11[ 310w

Movi Technicians and Movi Operators

Motion24 provides highly skilled Movi Operators and Movi Technicians to set up and service equipment to meet your production requirements and integrate with your crew.

Motion24 Movi Equipment Hire Sq 310w

Movi Equipment Hire

Motion 24 provides fully supported Movi equipment hire, with or without operators. It's all about the detail and support we can provide.

Motion24 Movi Xl Rental Sq

Movi XL

The Movi XL is the beefy older brother of the Movi Pro. Suitable for any camera package up to 22kg, the Movi XL is at home on all types of cranes, as well as a huge variety of tracking vehicles and at speeds up to 100mph

Contact us to discuss your movi requirements today
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