Client: Samsung Hypercube/Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
Director: Ross Cairns
DOP: Marcus Domleo

A truly groundbreaking project to be involved with and without a doubt one of the most technically challenging shoots Motion24 have been involved in to date.

It was a tall order but between the Motion24 Operator/Technician team in conjunction with an experienced rigging grip, we were able to offer our client a solution with full remote control column (delivering a 7ft boom range), zoom, focus, pan/tilt, Movi tuning and of course camera run stop.
Creatively speaking this gave us the ability to move the camera vertically from the floor to above head height of the artist, modify the stabilisation of the Movi to deliver movement from it’s smoothest to it’s roughest and anywhere in between, in addition to combining our large range of camera movement with zoom moves to really expand to a wide range of shot options…the results of which you can see above.