Motion24 made LIVE TV history with the #commonwealthgames2018 handover to Birmingham.

This 6 minute, 1 take shot featured 2 crane hand on and offs on a 50ft Techno & 75ft Techno with our custom Shotdock system as well as 2 tracking vehicle moves and moving in and out of 2 buildings! Thank you to everyone involved, we wont be forgetting this one anytime soon!

The team behind the shot were:

Production Company: Progress Productions
Director: Chris Howe
DOP: Nathaniel Hill
Movi Operator: James Davis
2nd Movi Operator: John Clarke
Movi Technician: Craig Porter
Remote Movi Operator: Matt Ingham
Focus Puller: Warren Buckingham
Key Grip: Alan Tabner
Tracking Vehicle Driver: Neil Buckingham

Plus many many more talented individuals in production, lighting, choreography etc all who did an incredible job.